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School excursion from Nobeoka’s first overseas student welcome ceremony at City Hall on November 6, 2018

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On November 6, 2018, the first foreign students from overseas entered the city, and there was a welcoming ceremony at the City Hall.

He came to 35 people from the city of Nanshan, including 32 students from the high school in the Taiwan, Taipei. The high school is equivalent to a normal department in a Japan. The party flew to Kagoshima in five days. One night in Kagoshima City, after a tour of Sakurajima and other prefectures, we visited Miyazaki Prefecture on the 6th, and went into Nobeoka after 4:00 pm.

The party which received the welcome of the city staff at the front entrance of the city Hall attended the welcome ceremony in the auditorium in the second floor as it was.

At the welcome ceremony, the mayor of Yomiyama, “I sincerely welcome you to come to Nobeoka as a school trip destination. The people in the household who experience agricultural night are very gentle people. During my stay, I would like to welcome you with the heart of the city of Nobeoka with the people of the farm and the family. ”

Shigenori Ando, chairman of the Nobeoka Furusato Tourism Council, which accepts school excursion students “I might be worried about staying at a private house, but I got a feeling that I looked like my grandpa and my grandmother, looking at my home. I want you to spend two days slowly without being stiff. ”

On the other hand, Mr. Chen-chan (Chin-lin) of the leading teacher, “Thank you sincerely for the big welcome. In the homestay experience of the students of two days, I want to exchange with the local people and return a lot of good memories. ” On behalf of the students, Archik-san (16)-Mr. Shaw, “the surprise was added to the grand welcome ceremony. We all sincerely hope for the homestay experience. It’s a short time, but we’ll make good memories for each other. ”

After this, each of the eight representatives Minpaku to face. The students left for their homes.

Two nights at a farmer’s Minpaku in Nobeoka City, we went to the school exchange meeting with Hinata high school students and the tea ceremony experience at the Imayama Hachiman Shrine, and strolled through Takachiho Gorge on the 8th. After that, he stayed in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, and returned home on the tenth day.

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