Let's go staying in Nobeoka richly endowed with nature!
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Oita University International Students Tour Cultural Experience in Nobeoka

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Twenty-one Oita University students participated in the Nobeoka Cultural Experience Tour held in Nobeoka City for two days on November 9 and 10. We enjoyed the charm of Nobeoka in autumn through zen meditation, tea ceremony experience, a tour of the carp, and orange hunting.

The 10 Chinese people were the highest, with two people from Hong Kong, Hungary and Vietnam, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. On the 9th, we entered Nobeoka, had lunch at Nobeoka Suigo-yana, and after a tour of the most famous shrines in Japan, we experienced zazen at Imayama Daishiji Temple.

After that, we took a bath in Funa-no-Yu and stayed in six private accommodations that were members of the Nobeoka Furusato Tourism Council.

On the 10th of the second day, we enjoyed mandarin orange hunting at kai saichiro-san’s mandarin garden in Kamisaki, Kitamachi, and then experienced the tea ceremony at the house of President Tadashi Watanabe of the Nobeoka Tea Ceremony Federation. In the afternoon, we visited the “Shiroyama Kagura Festival” venue held at Shiroyama Castle Pass Park, and there were many tours of Shiroyama, kagura viewing, and participation in mochimaki. We had a good day and had a fulfilling two days.

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