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Sato Shochu Seizojyo

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The shochu distillery stands by the limpid Hourigawa River in Sakamiya, Hourimachi. The distillery’s product showroom overlooks the sparkly surface of the Hourigawa River and the magnificent rock surface of Mount Mukabaki in the distance.

The distillery was originally founded in September 1905. The founder, Matsutaro Sato, then an assembly member of the former Okatomi village, launched a label called “Rokuin”, a shochu made from miscellaneous grains. While the business was temporarily suspended during the postwar hardship, the grandson Hidejuro revived the endangered business and steadily expanded the distillery.

Today, the distillery produces Ten No Kokuin, the flagship barley shochu garnering nationwide acclaims, together with barley-based Gin No Mizu, a rice shochu matured in oak barrels called Ranju, chestnut-based Sandai No Matsu, sweet-potato-based Kippo Ryoten, and Mugibika and Ryoten, which are collaboration products with JA Nobeoka featuring locally grown ingredients.

[Sato Shochu Seizojyo Co., Ltd.]

Address: 2388-1 Hourimachi, Nobeoka City, Miyazaki

Tel: 0982-33-2811

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