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Shimoaso Hamayu Village (Shimoaso Beach)

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Surrounded by dazzling trees and blue pines, the Dun’s unique, kevin-lined roof is reminiscent of a foreign resort. After bathing in a pine forest, the dazzling sandy beach and the cobalt blue sea of white sand suddenly come into view.

Hamayu village, a tourist facility located in Shimoaso,Kitura-machi, nobeoka-city, is a leisure base representing the Nippo Coast. Shimanoura Islands and Island floating in front of the natural breakwater, the lower ASO coast, known as the Calm sea-wave, is the only one of the most popular in the Ministry of Environment in 2006 (excluding okinawa), with the view of the surrounding landscape and the enrichment of facilities in 2006. Selected (12 Locations nationwide).

Hamayu Village is equipped with 12 buildings for four people, Kevin in three buildings for seven people, 11 permanent tents, 12 Auto campgrounds, 2 tennis courts and 3 golf courses (all 9 holes, par 33). There are a lot of people in the north-pudong of the neighboring road, such as a restaurant, a sales office, a mini-theater, and a museum of experience learning Shiota and Salt.

According to the history of the town of kitaura, the full-fledged development plan of the lower ASO coast emerged from 1974, when the surrounding area was designated as the Nippo Coast quasi-national Park. In the Fifties and sixties, a multipurpose lawn plaza, a campsite, a water supply station, a restroom, a kitchen, a large parking lot, and a marine house were developed sequentially. In 1993, the Hamayu village was started, and it was transformed as a full-fledged beach resort equipped with the Seawater health pool (closed March 31, 2003) at the current Facility.

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