Let's go staying in Nobeoka richly endowed with nature!
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People who are interested in private lodging, all gather! ! Day trip experience meeting on March 14th and 15th

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The Nobeoka Furusato Tourism Council, which is made up of 19 registered private lodgings in Nobeoka City, will hold a day-trip experience and footpass experience event on March 14 and 15.

On the 14th, in the Kawasaka area of Kitagawa Town, visitors will visit the Kawasaka Marsh, the land of The Ogura shohei Sanai, which was called The Obi Saigo, Iwato Shrine, and four private homes in the surrounding area. Lunch is scheduled at The Kawasaka Hana Monogatari venue.

On the 15th, after experiencing the footpass in the Kitakata-cho Usirosoki area, we plan to experience farming and lunch at a private home.

The entry fee is 1000 yen per person. The capacity is 15 people each day. People who are interested in private accommodation, those who want to walk in the countryside leisurely on the first day of spring, are welcome. Please feel free to apply.

For more information, please contact the Nobeoka Furusato Tourism Council (in Himuka Impression Experience World, telephone/FAX 0982-29-3835).

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