Let's go staying in Nobeoka richly endowed with nature!
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We were able to have the “Nobeon Satoyama cycling” Course!

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In the Nobeoka Furusato Tourism Council, we have set up five “Nobeon Satoyama cycling” courses that can be enjoyed from beginner to advanced cycling, in collaboration with NPO Hipeel experience world.

Do you want to experience the charm of the Four seasons of Nobeoka surrounded by the sea, the mountain, and the river of Kyushu number one slowly at the pace of your own desire?

Futatsujima course 5, 6 km duration approx. 1 hour 30 minutes

Stroll through the area between Kitagawa and Tomouchi River at the point of departure from Riverpal Gokasegawa.

Kitakata,hayahito course (9, 3km) approx. 3 hours

It is a course that passes through the countryside and the Forest Road to the point where the roadside station Kitakatayochimiroya.

Kitakata,Soki Course 7, 6 km approx. 2 hours

This course is a tour of the Hyugaoukan and the best countryside in the Kitakata area.

Kitaura Course 5 hours approx. 2 hours

It is a course to be seen while looking at the sea in Kitaura Bay.

Kitagawa Course 13, 5km approx. 4 hours

While gazing at the clear stream and Kitagawa, I visit the ruins of wetlands and Seinan War.

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