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Kitaura-Nampo Area

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Kitaura/Minamiura Area is located at the heart of the Nippo Kaigan Quasi-national Park. It is the area of scenic beauty with the rich sea by the beautiful sawtooth coastline and mild climate. The scattering of small bays have been providing nearby towns with the prosperous fishery industry from the ancient days. The area is one of the major fishing bases in the prefecture for the traditional fishing method as well as the purse seine fishery and shore set net fishery, together with the fish ranches producing the brand-name seafood including Himuka Hon Saba (mackerel) and Miyazaki Kanpachi (great amberjack). Its fishery yield of round herrings is the largest in Japan. Kitaura/Minamiura is also known for the salt production using the clean sea water. The mountain side produces the quality shiitake mushroom and tea leaves on the slopes. One of the charming properties of this area is that it offers not just the blessings of the sea but also that of mountains.

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