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Kitakata Area

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Kitakata Area is located at the west of Nobeoka City, and is the only area in Japan where the Oriental Zodiac is used in the addresses. All street numbers are accompanied by one of the Zodiac symbols like “Rat, Ox, Tiger and so on”. The area is famous for its wide array of produces from the farms and forests, and peaches, grapes, tangerines, persimmons, jinenjo yam and more are harvested each season. Also, with the beautiful Mt. Okue – one of the most famous mountains in the Sobokatamuki Quasi-national Park – and Mt. Hiei – the site of scenic beauty designated by the national government, the city is known as the rock climbing and bouldering center. In 2017, the area has been registered at UNESCO as the “Sobo, Katamuki, and Okue Eco Park”. Gokase River, the class A river of the purest water in Japan, and Shishigawa Valley, the granite valley with a limpid stream, attract a large number of tourist during the high season.

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