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Sea Fishing

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The east side of Nobeoka City faces the sea, and fishing is popular in all areas. The coastal area between Kitaura and Minamiura is designated as part of the Nippo Kaigan Quasi-National Park, and its deep coves as well as small and large reefs are the perfect places to live for fishes. Fishing from the shore for greenfish and black seabreams are popular, attracting many people who enjoy fishing from within and outside the prefecture.

Blueback fishes such as sea breams, grunts, and yellowtails can be caught from fishing boats and jigging, while jig fishing for oval squids, lure fishing & shore jigging from river mouths and beaches for sea bass or flounder, and casting for sillago are also popular.


Experience fee

★ Sea Fishing Experience (beginner)
Target age: 5th grade or higher

Travel time: before dawn ~ 1pm

Implementation Period: October-june

Possible number of People: 3 to 9

price: 5,500 yen (ferry, food fee required)

Meeting Place: JR Nobeoka Station

Conditions to be discontinued: by sea conditions

Preparations: food, drink, Cooler box, Tanning measures

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