Let's go staying in Nobeoka richly endowed with nature!
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It is a quiet environment in the northern town in the western part of Nobeoka City. Located almost halfway between Takachiho and Nobeoka, it is close to National Route 218.

The wooden two-story barn built more than 60 years ago was remodeled into an old private house style with only pillars and beams left. There is a hearth, a wood-burning stove, and a cafe-style window room, so you can relax and enjoy the seasonal mountain scenery.

We welcome you with rice cooked in Hagama, bamboo shoot sushi using home-grown ingredients according to the four seasons, local konjac, pickles, steamed bread, pound cake, lemonade, etc.

It was also introduced on the popular TV program “Potsunto One House”.

Recommended points

It is a quiet and relaxing lodging that is quiet lying quietly in a corner of a village along the national highway. The surrounding area is full of attractions such as Takachihokyo, Tenno Iwato, Hinokage Onsen Station, Hieiyama Sentamishiki, and The Shikagawa Valley.

Nearby information

From Nobeoka, it is about a 5-minute drive from Kurata on the northern Nobeoka Road on National Route 218. It is in the corner of the rice terrace just after going through the sheep tunnel and just to the left. It is located 25 minutes to Nobeoka and 25 minutes to Takachiho, making it convenient. There is a roadside station north of Yochimiroya nearby.

Room: Washitsu (Japanese-style room), Dining

Capacity: 5 persons

Number of rooms 2 rooms

Price 1 Night 2 meals (menu) adults 8,000 Yen (※ Small Person consultation)

Representatives: Ryuki Haraguchi and Koyako

Address: 882-0237 5 of Shiihata 77, Kitamachi, Nobeoka City

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