Let's go staying in Nobeoka richly endowed with nature!
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Kenjo Soba no Sato

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Located in a corner of the major countryside of Kitagawa Area, the owner cultivates rice as well as wheat, soba and so on. Soba which Saigo Takamori ate during Seinan War was harvested in this district and it is also used as a trade name.

By using a portable Kamado and an old-fashioned handmade noodle machine, you can experience boiling soba (buckwheat noodle) while preparing handmade noodles.

Mr. Shigetoku Ando, who is the owner, serves as the chairman of the group to protect the nearby Kawazaka River and also provides guides for the wetlands.


Recommended points

It is located in a peaceful countryside, and you can spend your time laid-back in a rich natural environment. Kitagawa moor (Kawazaka / Ieda) is also nearby and is ideal for a stroll. In the vicinity there are spots scattered around that associated with Saigo Takamori. In early summer you can see fireflies boisterous dancing movements, throughout the year star-sprinkled sky will greet you. Homemade soba (buckwheat), rice cooked with Kamado is exquisite.

Nearby information


5 minutes from Higashi Kyushu Expressway Kitagawa IC. Kawazaka Moor is a few minutes walk distance. Kitagawa IC side has ‘Michi-no-eki Rest Area Kitagawa Hayuma’. You can find plenty of souvenirs there.


Room: Washitsu (Japanese-style room), Dining

Capacity: 4 persons

Number of rooms: 6-tatami room: 1

Price 1 Night 2 meals (menu) adults 8,000 Yen (※ Small Person consultation)

Representative: Shigenori・Tsuyuko Ando

Address: zip code 882-0102 3813 Kitagawamachi Nagai Nobeoka City

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