Let's go staying in Nobeoka richly endowed with nature!
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Renge Tei

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It is an accommodation in satoyama where terrace paddy field spread. The peaceful mountain village scenary and the full starry sky let us forget the bustle of everyday life.。

At summer time you can enjoy somen (thin wheat noodles) nagashi, and in spring and autumn, using the portable irori (fireplace), you will enjoy outside barbecue of jidori (local brand chicken), venison, wild boar, and ayu and so on. Ritsuko-san’s family-secret “Mincho Nabe” is exquisite.

You can experience strolls and mountain climbing around Hieizan designated for the scenic spot of the country, harvesting of wild plants and wild grasses around the owner’s residence, taking out the Mukago of the Japanese yam.

Recommended points

It takes about 10 minutes from the Route 218 to the Kagawa Keikoku Valley in the prefecture road. Located in a mountainous area rich in nature, and on the third Saturday of December every year, beautiful local Mimichi Kagura is dedicated at nearby Mimichi Yahata Shrine.

Nearby information

The surrounding area of Hieizan which is regarded as the rock climbing sanctuary is also a scenic spot designated from the country. The view from the Senjojiki seems to have just got lost in the world of Sansui-ga. Bouldering first grade points are also scatter around. If you go further north to the prefectural road, the Kagawa Keikoku valley and mountains registered as the UNESCO eco park welcome you.

Room: Washitsu (Japanese-style room), Dining

Capacity: 4 persons

Number of rooms: 6-tatami room: 1

Price 1 Night 2 meals (menu) adults 8,000 Yen (※ Small Person consultation)

Representative Shigenobu Nagaoka and Ritsuko

Representative: Shigenori・Ritsuko Nagaoka

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