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Nobeoka Station Multi-purpose Facility “encross”

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“encross” is the multi-purpose facility, launched right in front of JR Nobeoka Station on April 13th, 2018. This facility is open to everybody for a large variety of purposes from reading, spending some relaxing time at a café, working on hobbies, taking care of children and more, on top of the obvious, waiting for the public transportation such as JR trains and buses.

The 2-story building is made with the reinforced concrete (partially with the steel frame), and is 8.82m high x 100m wide x 23.75m depth. The gross floor area is 1,659.54m2. There are the multi-purpose room for civil activities and information provision, waiting room, café (Starbucks) and kids’ square on the first floor, and another multi-purpose room, event venue and office are on the second floor. The first floor is also equipped with an island-type kitchen.

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