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Mount Hieizan

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Mount Hieizan (760m) is at the corner of the Sobokatamuki National Park. Its craggy surfaces of granite porphyries run along the clean water of Tsunanose river, and its Chinese monochrome painting-like beauty is overwhelming. The mountain was designated as a national beauty spot in 1939, and is known as a most popular venue for rock climbing and bouldering in the Kyushu region.

22 kilometers away from the central Nobeoka, it takes about 50 minutes to the starting point for a climb. At the observatory area known as Senjojiki, you can see the large rock walls of Mt. Yahazudake located across Tsunanose river. And mountains in the Kyushu mountain range, including Yahazudake and Tansukedake, can be seen from the I summit observatory.


Curran Colon Rock


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