Let's go staying in Nobeoka richly endowed with nature!
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Uki Turi Boku

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A flower of a Uki Turi Boku (Tyrolean lamp) blooming red in the garden is the landmark. Leo, toy poodle (male), will welcome you.

Traditional island cuisines painstakingly prepared by Mayumi-san who is good at cooking such as rice-stuffed squid, tatako, uozushi, tempura, hira(new year’s cuisine looked like nishime) are very popular.

Tombayama trekking guided by Yuichiro is recommended. A 360 degrees panorama view spreads from the mountain top with a lighthouse and you can even view Shikoku on a fine day. Please enjoy going around to see the Sanju-san Kannon, some azalea (Rhododendron dilatatum) which is best in April, and the superb view from the Nakayama cliff.


Recommended points

Local cuisine unique to the island can be tasted. In addition to the fishing experience, marine sports, and Tonbayama walking, you can enjoy interaction with cats.


Nearby information

It is located in the Shimano Urashima floating in the Hyuga Nada Oki, 15 minuets from Nobeoka station, and 10 minuets from Urashima Port by high-speed craft.


Room: Washitsu (Japanese-style room), Dining

Capacity: 5 persons

Number of rooms: 3

Price 1 Night 2 meals (menu) Adults 8,000 yen (※ Small Person consultation)

Representative: Yuichiro · Mayumi Kiyomoto

Address: zip code 882-0096 715 Shimauramachi Nobeoka City



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